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While technology has brought us closer to each other, it has brought us further from our environments only truly absorbing it through our phones and images we see on national geographic. Using 3D printing as the technique for this garment, it uses the hand labour of a 3D pen which while trying to be perfect, highlights the human flaw in the same way we have reflected ourselves in the environment. 


Reflecting the “human impact” the piece aims to reminds the user of this everyday. 

Inspired by an experimental process of mapping the weather on the body, this garment understands its environment represented on a functional manner. 

As the weather is beginning to mirror the human impact on this planet, this garment  can better reflect our healthy or unhealthy connection with our environment.

As the form comes directly from points of the weather digitalised through parametrics on the body, the piece reflects this understanding further. Technology in this garment resolutes one to be brought closer to their environment informing the user of the constantly changing world. 

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 15.27.05.png
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