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Exploring symbiosis through 3D-printed cellulose: A wearable portal to the woven interconnection between plant and animal cells, nurturing a seamless circular bond with nature.”

Cellulose 3D-printed model mimics the structural fluidic, fabric matrix in the cell wall of a plant. Following the fabric model of time, cellular warps plotted on the body, interconnect structure and flow, through supporting the wearer on different points of the body, while floating cosmic cellular life flows elsewhere.

A symbiotic relationship between plant and animal cells is created, with each structural cellular unit reflecting the wearer’s fluid epidermis. Optimised cellulosic surface area, allows for pollutants to filter out, and integrated 3D printed nutrients to seep into the structural integrity of the skins complexion. The cellular units remind the user of our woven symbiotic relationship with the natural world, as reflected in the function of this piece with the wearers custom co-depending skin rooting from the plant world.

Extracted cellulose from textile waste, takes a new and seamless form of life through blending, hand moulding, and dehydrating this piece into it’s speculated 3D printed shape. Dissolvable in water for reshaping into new forms of life, or biodegradable nourishing in cycle; Circulose makes this circular vision for the future possible. 

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